Privacy Policy

I am committed to doing what I can to protect your privacy, both in terms of the online data collected by my website ( and the images we create together. While I discuss my methods of protecting your images during consultations, sessions, and image reviews. This page sets forth what data is collected by my website and what it is used for.

Google reCAPTCHA

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

Cookies. What are they?

A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers downloaded to your device when you access certain websites. Like virtual door keys, cookies unlock a computer’s memory and allow a website to recognize users when they return to a site by opening doors to different content or services. Like a key, a cookie itself does not contain information, but when it is read by a browser it can help a website improve the service delivered. A cookie is also a small sweet cake, typically round, flat, and crisp.

Cookies. How do I use them?


Facebook cookies allow me to reconnect with visitors interested in my headshots, as well as reach potential clients with similar interests as my existing clients. This all allows me to reach clients when they're looking for headshots.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics tracking allows me to assess what content is most relevant to clients. No personal identifying information is collected.


HotJar allows me to see how visitors interact with my website. No personal data is collected, but cookies allow unique users' interactions to be captured independently of each other.

This Website

This website may create unique cookies to deliver consistent page experiences. For example, while testing various page layouts a cookie may be downloaded so that you see the same content each time you visit, delivering a consistent experience for you. 

Chocolate Chip

Personally, my favorite cookie.

Personal Data

Personal data may be collected when you enter it into a field on this site, interact with a form or chatbot, submit an inquiry, or book a session. This data is used to facilitate your interaction and help deliver the best headshot experience.

Third-Party Services

I utilize a couple of third-party services to facilitate headshot services. Here is what I use each one for:

When you submit a contact form or book a session, your information is sent to my account to keep track of everything.

Acuity Scheduling/Squarespace

Acuity Scheduling powers my, well, scheduling.


Stripe is used via Acuity Scheduling to securely process payment information. Your payment data is not sent anywhere other than to Stripe.


SendGrid is my email provider. When you sign up for the newsletter or schedule a session, your name and email address are added to my contact list in order to facilitate the delivery of relevant email messages.


Mailchimp is used for marketing emails.

Cookies. Some people don’t like them.

If you wish to prevent my website from using cookies, there is information available online for your browser on how to prevent specific, or all websites from utilizing cookies.


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