ERAS Headshot Requirements & Tips

Your ERAS application photo can make or break your chances of standing out in the competitive world of residency applications. It serves as a visual representation of your professionalism and suitability for the program, making a lasting impression on program directors. To ensure you make the best impression possible, I have compiled the official requirements and some essential tips to help you master your ERAS application photo.

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Actor Headshots—2023 Edition

As an actor seeking new roles, your headshot has a hefty responsibility in speaking to a casting director’s search. In one instance, your headshot needs to demonstrate your command of emoting, stand out from the crowd as engaged, and not look awkward.

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Launching Your Acting Career

Getting your start in any career can be like getting dropped in a dark maze. Where do you go? What support is there? Every gig wants to see experience but how do you get that initial momentum going? How do you build your personal brand, and when can it start paying your bills?

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Recruiters Are Looking at Your Social Media

Headshots — once limited to actors and corporate executives — are playing a bigger role as social media alters the world of hiring and recruiting. Don’t let a bad image (or even no image at all) ruin your personal brand.

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3 Questions to Decide Your Headshot Style

Relaxed professional. Vibrant creative. El Queso Grande. Which headshot style is right for you? Well, it depends, so let’s dig in.

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