Barry’s Session | Austin Headshots

When it came time to update his website and move his company to downtown Austin, Barry made the excellent decision to update his headshot to something more modern at the same time! Continue reading “Barry’s Session | Austin Headshots”

Headshot Sessions Can Be Fun, Just Be Yourself!

I enjoy all of my headshots. Actually, I enjoy every opportunity I get to connect with people and pick up a camera! That being said, let me tell you why Steve’s headshot session was such a delight. Steve strolled into my studio back when I was located in the corner of a warehouse just being himself, making jokes and asking questions. Almost all of my shoots get to this point though sooner or later though, as being your true, honest self is what makes a headshot portrait powerful. Continue reading “Headshot Sessions Can Be Fun, Just Be Yourself!”

The Importance of Proper Headshots

Your headshot is just a picture, right? Nope! It’s no secret that we are a visually motivated society, but many people don’t realize just how deep visual connections impact our perceptions. As a species we connect with other people initially through their eyes before moving on to assess their overall conduct and evaluating their trustworthiness. A quality headshot shows that you’re taking your career seriously and connotes a professional attitude that people can trust. Continue reading “The Importance of Proper Headshots”