Con Brio on Film | Austin Band Photography

Whenever I go to catch a live show, I have a camera in tow. Well, almost every time I head out I have a camera in tow. Sometimes these personal rolls of film gather up until I have a day’s worth of developing and scanning to do, often times resulting in me having to rediscover an amazing evening! This time I rediscovered our last evening out at Poor House Bistro in San Jose, watching a passion-filled performance by Con Brio.

For the photography nerds, these were shot on Alford Delta 400 pushed 1 stop.

The Big Little Camera That Could

From Silicon Valley to Austin, TX, whenever I set out for a wonder downtown or a new exploration there is one camera I grab (much to the chagrin of my back and shoulders). That camera is my trusty Pentax 67 medium format film camera. The camera itself is gigantic, weighing in at well over 5 pounds but the phenomenal results I get with it outweigh its burned. My street photography instructor at Standford, Neal Menschel actually chuckled when I told him I use it for candid street shots. There is nothing like the experience of loading a roll of film (it is often a fun challenge to explore with only one roll) knowing that I only have 10 frames to capture my experience for the day; it truly forces me to observe and analyze each situation I encounter.

I haven’t had much opportunity to use the Pentax on portrait sessions, but I plan on changing that in the near future with some new Austin portraits and downtown adventures!