Barry’s Session | Austin Headshots

When it came time to update his website and move his company to downtown Austin, Barry made the excellent decision to update his headshot to something more modern at the same time! Continue reading “Barry’s Session | Austin Headshots”

The Big Little Camera That Could

From Silicon Valley to Austin, TX, whenever I set out for a wonder downtown or a new exploration there is one camera I grab (much to the chagrin of my back and shoulders). That camera is my trusty Pentax 67 medium format film camera. The camera itself is gigantic, weighing in at well over 5 pounds but the phenomenal results I get with it outweigh its burned. My street photography instructor at Standford, Neal Menschel actually chuckled when I told him I use it for candid street shots. There is nothing like the experience of loading a roll of film (it is often a fun challenge to explore with only one roll) knowing that I only have 10 frames to capture my experience for the day; it truly forces me to observe and analyze each situation I encounter.

I haven’t had much opportunity to use the Pentax on portrait sessions, but I plan on changing that in the near future with some new Austin portraits and downtown adventures!


Headshot Session: Prepping and Expectations

Some people love being in front of the camera, others (like me) not so much. That’s fine because it’s my role as your headshot photographer to help set you up for the best headshots possible. Below you’ll find some tips for wardrobe selection, accommodating your session into your schedule and what to expect while we’re shooting. If you have any questions beyond what I’ve discussed here, you can alway reach out to me. Continue reading “Headshot Session: Prepping and Expectations”

Portraits in Black & White?

You may have noticed that many of my portraits are black & white. I often get asked why this is. Quite simply, my love for black and white goes back to basic visual design principles; every element (lines, texture, light, and of course color) must have a function or it becomes a distraction. Therefore, if there is a strong color in a photograph that isn’t an integral part of the subject (such as the eyes or wardrobe) that element starts to distract the viewer from the hero of the image. Once that distracting layer has been removed black and white portraits allow the viewer to connect to the subject in a new way.

Film Portraits

Besides all of that, being able to shoot and develop my own black & white film is just fun! After spending a lot of time trying to digitally emulate the look of some of my favorite films, I decided it was better to just fold film back into my arsenal. There is a certain life a film portrait has that digital lacks; much like a vinyl record versus digital music, or a classic car compared to a newer one.

Technical skill and composition are parts of every picture I take, but be sure to check out my high school seniors or boudoir & glamour galleries to see the impact of color versus black and white. If you’re interested in stronger design elements, streets and travel really let me push these visual elements in a fun way.

Headshot Sessions Can Be Fun, Just Be Yourself!

I enjoy all of my headshots. Actually, I enjoy every opportunity I get to connect with people and pick up a camera! That being said, let me tell you why Steve’s headshot session was such a delight. Steve strolled into my studio back when I was located in the corner of a warehouse just being himself, making jokes and asking questions. Almost all of my shoots get to this point though sooner or later though, as being your true, honest self is what makes a headshot portrait powerful. Continue reading “Headshot Sessions Can Be Fun, Just Be Yourself!”

The Importance of Proper Headshots

Your headshot is just a picture, right? Nope! It’s no secret that we are a visually motivated society, but many people don’t realize just how deep visual connections impact our perceptions. As a species we connect with other people initially through their eyes before moving on to assess their overall conduct and evaluating their trustworthiness. A quality headshot shows that you’re taking your career seriously and connotes a professional attitude that people can trust. Continue reading “The Importance of Proper Headshots”