A personalized headshot, just for you.

Thirty minutes in front of the camera can make a world of difference, so don’t let a lame headshot hold you back! A great headshot for your professional, acting or music career is vital to your brand and, most of all, you! That’s why I personalize each headshot session for your unique needs and goals.

A Tailored Session

Location. Lighting. Styling. Everything about your headshot session is tailored to fit you, your career, and your goals so that it captures the best version of you. After all, your images are all about you!

The VIP Treatment

Everyone is important to me. I don’t pass anyone off on a staff photographer and I don’t short-change any sessions just because you may purchase the lowest cost package. Therefore, you get my experience and expertise every time.

Proofs within 24 hours

You will have a proof gallery ready to view within 24 hours, including a sample retouching of one of your photos, so that you can get your headshot out to the world as soon as possible.

guided image selection

Every client of mine has the option to sit down with me to go through your proofs together. I have crafted a process that picks the most technically perfect photograph from your selection of favorites. All at no cost.

custom retouching

I retouch all final images by hand with the goal of crafting a subtly retouched image that portrays the real you. No automation or third-party retouchers here!

Satisfaction guaranteed

My personal mission is to create images that you love. I’ll tweak retouching or even shoot another session so that you’re satisfied with the results.